Prison Ministry.

We visit different prisons like Luzira maximum security prison and  Kigo prison putting lost hope in these people and also preaching to them the savior and the hope of this world who us Jesus Christ,
(we don’t have pictures for this since they don’t allow cameras and phones in prisons).

Education Ministry.

We support children from families that are financially unstable, and we help them attain education to support their future.

Elderly Ministry.

We support many old people who can no longer work in order to sustain their living, we help them with monthly food, medical treatment, shelter, and many other life necessities.

Reusable Sanitary towels or pads Ministry.

We support mainly young girls and women who cannot help themselves sufficiently during their cycle, we go to different places serving them.

Evangelism and Outreach Ministry.

We go to different places like schools, communities and other places teaching them about the living God and his only son, we also look at educating these people about the kingdom of God.

Guidance and counseling ministry, here we give hope to those who have lost hope and also give a word of wisdom to the people who need it, like advising infant mothers on the new life they are to face with their children.

Infant Mother ministry.

We support teenage mothers who have no support of giving birth because mainly their boyfriend is also always young with little finances to support these mothers therefore we help them give birth and support them in their early stages of motherly life.

School Ministry.

We go to different schools eradicating drug abuse, abortion, peer group influence and its effects with the purpose of education in the Modern world, we also perform plays, poems, songs and many dramas about the above themes.

Achievements of Mercy For Life Africa

  • Construction of the ghetto toilet.
  • Completion of offices in Kampala, Uganda
  • Students scholarship scheme
  • Elderly care scheme
  • Prison quarterly ministry scheme
  • Infant-mother support scheme
  • Medical support scheme, we have supported over ten major surgeries.